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How She Got Here


Stephanie’s mom saw a star at a young age and put Stephanie in singing lessons at age eight. With Whitney Houston and Madonna as her inspirations, Stephanie worked hard to improve her voice and her performance throughout the years. She moved around to 12 schools as an Air Force kid, which gave her the tenacity and talent that continues to motivate her today. In 9th grade, Stephanie joined a choir and was smitten with harmonies, Capella, camaraderie, and competitions; she had found her home. At the age of 18, Stephanie was hand-picked to tour and sing in seven European countries with the Ambassadors of Music. The world was ready for her as much as she was ready for the world. 
Stephanie attended Northern Arizona University with dreams of opening a safe house for battered women and children. However, with a degree in Psychology and a desire to travel, Stephanie began her Human Resources career in the hospitality industry. She worked her way up the ladder and around the United States, ultimately opening a JW Marriott in Houston, Texas, as HR Director. 
After many years, Stephanie felt like she needed to do more and express herself outside of the rat race she was living in so she fled the concrete jungle and traded it for the tropical jungles of Costa Rica. She revived her senses, buzzed her hair, and invested in herself with an extended study-vacation at a Spanish school. 
From the moment she stepped foot in Tamarindo and exclaimed, “This is where I’m supposed to be!” Stephanie has made a name for herself in this beachside town. She found herself working at a popular hostel that hosted many musical acts. One day Stephanie asked a singer if she could sing a song on their break, and the crowd gave her and her buttery voice a standing ovation. She had forgotten how much she loved to sing and perform.
She has worked hard to become a household name on the music scene in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.  Many know her as "Pinky" and have become loving fans, supporting her at live shows and also online.   Stephanie fell in love instantly with her new career but also with an amazing man that she married in Tamarindo and married in February 2021.  She, her husband and her poodle, MoMo, live in Tamarindo and can't wait to welcome you to their favorite town in the world. 

You can follow Stephanie on Facebook to watch online shows and find out where her next live show will be.  Subscribe to her Youtube channel to watch new video collaborations as she posts them.  Stephanie also uses Instagram to post flyers for upcoming shows.  

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