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When you and the bride really click

"We couldn’t be happier we chose Stephanie to perform at our wedding. Our wedding felt like a fairytale and that couldn't have been achieved without her performing. From the slower love songs to the fun upbeat songs, everything was perfect. Her presence alone was so joyful, sweet, and authentic! She truly felt like a friend the moment I met her over video call for the first time. She knew just about ALL of the songs that we really wanted played, understood our music style and was able to make so many fun things happen on the spot for different traditions we decided to do last minute at the reception. We searched far and wide for the best musician in Costa Rica for our wedding- don’t hesitate if you are looking for music for an event."

- Nicole Huerta, Aug 14, 2023

Jaime and Nicole were offered musical acts from their wedding planner in Manuel Antonio but they just didn't seem like the right fit. So they googled and researched until they found my Youtube channel and said, "Yep! She's the one!" and they reached out to me. I got to know them through zoom calls and we really felt connected. It felt like it was meant to be. My guitar player and I traveled 6 hours to Manuel Antonio to a lovely resort called Tulemar. The ceremony and reception were setup on the private beach with a tent that was lit up with lights and flowers and incredibly romantic. It was gorgeous. I sang "Into The Mystic" by Van Morrison as Nicole walked down the aisle to join her future husband, ending the ceremony with "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Queen. She was gorgeous in her lace gown. He wore a handsome brown suit and her bridesmaids wore romantic, long, satin dresses. Their musical tastes did not reflect their age. They were young with old souls. We sang Doobie Brothers, Hank Williams Jr, The Eagles, Elton John, Bonnie Rait, The Temptations and more. Enoch (guitar player) and I really enjoyed ourselves with these songs. As dinner ended, I switched to DJ mode and everyone danced in the sand as the rain came down, soaking everyone but no one cared, as the rain cooled us down and released all inhibitions. As requested, I played traditional Mexican dance music and the wedding party danced the night away, passing around the bottle of tequila. They had me dancing too! That's right, I was asked to join in the fun and became a part of the party. Their family was so happy, so kind, so generous and grateful. Nicole and I were wishing that they lived in Costa Rica so that we could solidify a friendship to last much longer than a night. It was truly an honor to perform for Nicole and Jaime, their friends and family. I know their love is real and I am left with a full heart.

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