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A Barefoot Wedding in Nosara

The universe brought Cait and Nik together on April 6, 2023 in marriage ceremony, a sacred union of the heart, body, mind and spirit. This was a simple elopement in the jungle of Nosara, with just myself, Cait, Nik, two witnesses and 2 photographers, with only the sounds of the birds, the wind through the trees and our soft voices. I started the sacred ritual with a prayer to Mother Earth and then a smuging to release any negative energy and allow the new energy to fill us. It was a new moon, which is a time to set intentions for the future and start something new, to take action on something you want to happen. The full moon is a time of harvest, culmination, and fruition. We are connected with the Full Moon energy and it helps us with a sense of grounding. It was Ekhart Tolle, yoga and meditation that brought these two souls together and I have a feeling that it is these three things, plus their love for each other, that will keep them together. It was a ceremony that opened my eyes in new ways and an honor that they chose me to be a part of it.

"Amazing experience with Stephanie. I would highly recommend her!

Apr 12, 2023 - Cait

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