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A New Family of 7

"You have come to the right place. YOU FOUND HER!!! Stephanie is a gift to us all- consider yourself lucky to work with her.

Stephanie went above and beyond, truly, to get to know us, to know our story, we were able to dive deep virtually (as we live in Ga) which was impressive. From start to finish she GOT US and, as was clear on wedding day, knew PRECISELY what we wanted, executed with grace, with patience, with sweetness and guided us expertly throughout the entire process. She checked in regularly and followed through, came up with beautiful ideas and thoughts and even helped us with our own wedding vows! Throughout the entire planning process Stephanie was just a text away, making what seemed so daunting and overwhelming to us, no issue at all.

It is evident that Stephanie loves what she does as she put her heart and soul into our wedding ceremony to ensure everything was perfect. I still find myself in awe. She became more than our officiant and planner... she became a friend, a confidant and a guiding light. This is a special human- she truly has found her gifting. And I am so deeply grateful that we found HER! Thank you, Stephanie. Thank you for sharing your spirit with us, for making the entire experience a dream come true.

Jun 23, 2023 - Fiona Reiter "

On June 7, 2023, James and Fiona celebrated their love with a marriage ceremony, creating a new blended family with her 3 children and his 2. Change always comes with it's challenges but there is a lot of love and support in this new family of 7, who flew from the United States to join me in Costa Rica to make their union official. Their marriage ceremony took place at a lovely AirBnB home in Playa Grande with no guests, just James, Fiona, their children and I, and of course, the photographer! The day had been rainy but the sky cleared for them to take beuatiful family photos on the beach and then returned to the home's covered terrace for the ceremony. We symolized the family becoming one and forever changed with a sand ritual. After their first kiss as husband and wife, the kids jumped in the pool with excitemtment and then quickly changed to join me for dinner at RipJack Inn. I sang to them as they dined and the newly weds danced. Then we kicked it up a notch when I invited the kids to sing with me. They had a blast doing karaoke 'til the restaurant closed. It was a special night, unique and perfect for this forever changed group of seven amazing individuals. I am so grateful that these 2 lovebirds chose me to be a part of their special day.

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