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From Dining Room Wedding Vows to Costa Rican Beach Ceremony

For Robin and Sam, it was Facebook that brought them together in their childhood home towns after 24 years. They had been friends in grade school before Robin moved away with her family. The timing finally worked out for them to be together but not for a public wedding. These two love birds, married in Robin's dining room due to Covid not allowing for anything more elaborate. So, 4 years later, they finally got their dreamy Costa Rica beach ceremony, where they renewed their vows with me as their officiant. It was April 14, 2024, on the beach, in front of the Langosta Beach Club in Tamarindo. They walked together, hand-in-hand, in the sand, to stand with me on my little pink rug, as I played "Can't Help Falling in Love" by Haley Reinhart, my favorite version of the song). Robin looked stunning in her vibrant pink and flowy dress with flowers in her hair. They had their dearest friends in attendance to share in the special moment. After a kiss to seal the deal, they danced to with “Happy Anywhere” by Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani. Then we headed to the beachside restaurant to enjoy cocktails and dinner while I sang for them, my solo show, for a lovely two hours. It was an honor to be a part of this sweet couple's special day. Something we might all learn from Robin and Sam is that it's okay to wait to plan your perfect wedding day. A simple but meaningful, dining room will do for an exchange of vows and the promise of a lifetime.

Robin Spiker

It was magical! Stephanie really listened to what we wanted and had a few fantastic suggestions of her own to add to the mix. We loved meeting with her prior to coming down so she could get a real feel for us. Her singing is TOP NOTCH, along with the entire experience. We were quite last minute with our event coming together only a few weeks before and you'd have thought it was planned for months. I highly recommend Stephanie and all the extras, it's truly worth every penny for a lifetime of incredible memories.

Jun 03, 2024

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