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Marrying Shardae and Boobie

I had the honor of marrying Shardae and Terrell Booker aka Boobie, aka Ter-B, akaTer-rell, aka Tim. Haha! I wrote and performed their one-of-a-kind ceremony. Boobie is a man of few words but the vows that he wrote for Shardae were worth their weight in gold. Shardae was a gorgeous bride and her 3 amazing children were super supportive and loving. We included a sand ceremony into the service, to include the kids, creating a beautiful design of different colored sands woven together in a way that can never be repeated and can never be seperated. This couple brought their Texas charm to Tamarindo, Costa Rica for an unforgettable wedding at Casa Alang Alang.

"Thank you!!! You did such an amazing job. We had no doubt you were who we wanted the second we spoke with you. Thank you for everything! ❤❤❤
Shardae Valmore Booker"
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