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They bared their souls to me

Alex and Cory found me on when searching for an officiant to marry them in Costa Rica. They hail from Phoenix, Arizona and we clicked instantly. I am also from Arizona, so I was excited to welcome this couple to Tamarindo for their elopement. These two humans are total soulmates brought together by fate. They are not traditional people and so a traditional ceremony was not for them. This is what I'm here for; to make a marriage ceremony unique and custom for each couple. I was able to learn a lot about them in our zoom call as they trusted me with their hearts and bared their souls to me. They are raw and real and I got to be a part of their special day. I appreciate their ability to be open and vulnerable with each other and with me. Their vows were deep, sweet and meaningful. Alex looked stunning in her red dress and matching flowers in her hair. They picked a lovely spot on the beach in Langosta and I married them on a Friday morning. We shared drinks together on the beach the next day and I hope they will return to Tamarindo where we can be reunited.

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